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Bridge Metrics offers a complete suite of professional services dedicated to a singular purpose - helping you get the greatest possible return from your platform investment.

Deliver killer content

Whether it's a series of HTML email templates, a web landing page or a full-blown microsite, the Bridge Metrics creative services team will design and produce compelling content to grab the attention of your sales force, partners and buyers.

Impress sales with actionable toolkits

Leverage our team of experienced content ninjas to create powerful solution toolkits for your direct or indirect sales teams. We will advise you on appropriate content to include, design a toolkit that is easy for sales to understand and provide best practices guidance for distributing toolkits through the platform.

Execute nurture programs that actually nurture

We will help you leverage the marketing automation capabilities of the platform to move contacts that have expressed interest in your solutions through your demand funnel. Our nurture programs use a battle-tested methodology and dynamic "nurturing" content, engaging and educating your contacts over time, monitoring and "scoring" their activity, and uploading them into your platform once appropriate thresholds have been met.

Fill the top of your funnel

Lean on Bridge Metrics' marketing expertise to drive top of funnel inquiries with a multi-touch email campaign. We start by examining multiple databases to tailor a qualified list of your best prospects, including target market, industry, company size and job title. We then deploy a series of engaging, personalized marketing emails (co-branded for your resellers.) Once deployed, we provide valuable performance metrics and strategic advice helping you maximize inquiry generation.

Promote up-to-date web content, everywhere

Need a way to drive consistent branding and messaging across the web?  We can help design a custom iframe microsite your partners can embed within their corporate websites. They no longer have to waste precious resources and time to build web content on your solutions. Best of all, you get to control content updates from a central location, ensuring your message and brand are always consistent, everywhere.

Experience effective sales enablement

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