Content Marketing Should Be Easy…
And Now It Is.

The Bridge Metrics platform is a fully integrated content marketing solution that enables your entire organization to engage today’s buyer with relevant content that drives purchase decisions.

Discover and Manage Content that Matters to Your Organization

  • Search & curate content from 200,000 sources

  • Upload, categorize, and tag your own content

  • Ensure content freshness

Publish and Share Content with Teams , Prospects, and Customers

  • Collections – Individually curated resource centers for sales to share with prospects

  • Social Sharing – Easily share content on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+

Personalize Content For Each User

  • Cover Pages - Automated PDF personalization & co-branding for partners

  • Video Stages - Personalized and co-branded video stages

Extend & Amplify your marketing efforts

  • Social Selling Features - Empower your teams and partners to promote your content socially

  • ZingDoc Notifications - Real-Time alerts when content is being viewed by prospects & customers

  • Content Hubs - Create an engaging content experience embedded in your website

Meaningful Reporting & Analytics

  • Content by Category

  • User Engagement Reporting

  • Sales User Reporting

More Features

  • Integrate with Cloud Storage Applications
    Bridge Metrics integrates with the popular cloud storage applications you are already using – integrate, don't re-create!
  • Ensure relevance with Content Subscriptions
    Users tell you what they're interested in so your content is delivered to eager eyes.
  • Segment your audiences into groups and teams
    Target your content to the right audiences based on any criteria.
  • Get Exactly what you need FAST with Intelligent Search
    Asset titles, tags, and every word in the body of your assets is searchable via the global platform search.

Experience The Bridge Metrics Platform

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